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Why Us

We aim to make logistics more structured by revolutionizing it.

We are leveraging Technology to help address the challenges in quality, accuracy and precision.

Through a simplified and intuitive online platform, GoEx endeavors to deliver innovative end-to-end logistics solutions.

We recognize the importance of efficiency, transparency and reliability - the three tenets which drive the transportation of goods. Therefore, we ensure that your goods reach their destination at the right time and in the right condition, every single time.

The GoEx platform is seamless and technology driven

Every industry is moving online, so why should the logistics sector stay behind? In GoEx, you have a digital platform that effectively utilizes technology to simplify your goods transportation needs.

GoEx brings end to end visibility

Through the GoEx platform, you can track your goods throughout the trip with the Real-Time Tracking feature, enabling you to fulfill time-definite deliveries in a planned manner.

Guarantee of service as GoEx is responsible to transport goods

When you need a reliable logistics partner to help you with your goods transportation, trust the experts at GoEx. To ensure unwavering reliability, GoEx has the right processes in place to safeguard the interests and the service expectations of its stakeholders.

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Most importantly, GoEx provides value to all Stakeholders

Our stakeholders are the lifeblood of GoEx, which is why we have made it our imperative aim to ensure that each and every one of them gets the value they have come to expect, in exchange for their individual contributions to the enterprise.

From providing a simplified, transparent process for the customer to empowering our channel partners to exercise greater control and achieve higher efficiency, from helping our associates expand their network for more business to enabling better facilities and quicker payments to the drivers; the clear and concise processes at GoEx have been conceived to ensure maximum benefit for our stakeholders.

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