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What is GoEx?

GoEx is an online technology based platform for various Stakeholders such as Consignor/Consignee, Fleet Owner and Brokers/Commission Agents that caters to transportation of goods.

When was the company started?

GoEx Freight Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was formed in February 2016 and will roll out operations from September 2016. The company promoted by Vishal Jain, a Technocrat and having rich experience in the Logistics domain.

What is GoEx Business?

GoEx provides a transparent, real time interface to Consignor and Fleet Owners to cater to the load requirements based on market determined rates. GoEx provides end to end solution to all stakeholders and operates as a Goods Transport Agency.

Are there any other value added services??

  • The platform provides real time visibility and status of cargo and location of truck to all Stakeholders through a vehicle tracking system.
  • GoEx takes complete responsibility for transportation of the Cargo from Consignor to Consignee and guarantees payment to the Fleet Owners subject to POD.
  • On behalf of Fleet Owner, GoEx provides cashless advance towards fuel and trip expenses directly to the driver through a technology driven process.
  • GoEx has a Click2Call facility that provides help and guidance to all concerned Stakeholders.
  • E-mail and SMS alerts are provided to stakeholders on crossing pre-defined milestones.
  • GoEx system generates on line GCN/LR. A facility is provided to Consignor to generate the GCN/LR.
  • GoEx system captures POD at Consignee end on line through a secure process.

How does the platform work?

  • All stakeholders such as Consignor, Fleet Owner, Driver, Brokers, and Vehicle will be registered on the portal. Access is restricted to registered stakeholders only through web app or mobile app.
  • A smart mobile phone is provided to concerned stakeholders who can download the Goex app either from website or Google play store.
  • All registered Consignors are required to post their load requirements on the platform. The platform checks the availability of trucks within the nearest transport center and advices the concerned Fleet Owner to make online bids. The bids may be made by the Fleet owner or any person including a Broker authorised by the Fleet Owner. The bids may be made through mobile app or web app within a pre-defined time schedule.
  • Based on the online bids of the transporter, the system ranks the bids and provides online information to the Fleet Owners to enable him to change the bid and quote competitively.
  • At the end of the bidding process, the system offers best rate to the Consignor after adding its margin who then has option either to accept the offer or reject the same. Freight rates are market determined in a transparent manner.
  • GoEx operates as a Transporter for the Consignor and issues the GC/LR in its own name.
  • Amounts due from the Consignor are collected by GoEx against POD/Invoice.
  • Balance payments after deduction of advance are made by GoEx to Transporters against POD.

Are GoEx services available across the country?

Services will be initially launched in West India and thereafter extended to North India. Within a year services will be available on PAN India basis.

Are there any charges/Deposit collected?

  • Each Truck/Driver is provided with a Smartphone and Vehicle Tracking Device against a refundable deposit.
  • In case the Fleet Owner avails the platform service at least 3 times a month then there are no charges levied either towards telecom cost or for using the platform technology. However if a vehicle is not made available for providing services at least 3 times a month, then telecom cost of Rs.650/- per month is recovered and adjusted against the dues of the Fleet Owner. In case no dues are available for recovering the telecom cost then they are adjusted against the refundable deposit of the Transporter.

Are the stakeholders allowed to use their own Smartphone?

All Stakeholders (Consignor, Driver, Transporters, Brokers will be required to use GoEx Provided Smartphone). This is because the application developed by GoEx is not compatible to all models of all manufacturers. In course of time we may consider to allow all Stakeholders except the Driver and the Vehicle to use their own Smartphone. The driver and the vehicle will necessarily have to use GoEx supplied Smartphone as shipment tracking is a feature that is built on the vehicle tracking device. Similarly certain other facility like click to call facility is provided on the Smartphone of the driver. Initially, the GoEx mobile app is available on the android system only.

What is the device/smartphone you provide?

The vehicle is fitted with a vehicle tracking device with GPS features enabled on 2G. The Vehicle Tracking device is fitted around the dashboard and is connected to the battery of the truck to facilitate its charging. The driver is given a Smartphone with GoEx App enabled for GPS and incoming SMS and voice calls. A click to call facility is also available to the driver on the Smartphone. Smartphone of the driver cannot be used for any other purpose as all other services are disabled.

Do Owner driven trucks also need to take GoEx Smartphone?

The GoEx provided Smartphone facilitates communication between the driver/transporters and other Stakeholder like Consignor and Consignee to ascertain their status of the cargo or the location of the driver. The GoEx App can however be accessed through any laptop/desktop/computer.

How can I access the GoEx App?

All registered Stakeholders such as Consignor, Driver and Fleet Owner/Brokers can download the app from the website or Google Play store. All such users have a User ID and password linked to a registered Mobile Phone. This is to provide secure access to all Stakeholders and to send One Time Password to the concerned Stakeholders.

How can I meet the Field Representative of GoEx?

You can access the GoEx website and leave details of your contacts. A representative of GoEx will call you and fix an appointment to meet you and explain the details of the model. You can also contact the GoEx helpline Number available on the website (www.goex.in).

Does GoEx provide any insurance for the Cargo carried out by Transporters Vehicle?

GoEx provides insurance cover for those goods which are carried on Carriers Risk Basis. The amount of the insurance however is charged to the Consignor and recovered through the invoice raised on them. All other consignments are carried on Consignors risk or Consignees risk as advise by consignor.

How can I recover the cost of damage and shortage?

All damages and shortages endorsed on the Goods Consignment Note/LR and accepted by Sub-Transporters of GoEx shall be recovered by GoEx from the Sub-Transporters and paid to the Consignor.

What happens if there is an accident and or such other mishaps during the course of the Trip?

GoEx has an emergency helpline which can be contacted. The details of the help line are available on the web site. In addition since there is Vehicle Tracking Device available on the Truck, the system senses that vehicle is stationary and sends SMS/emails to the concerned Stakeholders. On receipt of intimation of accident, alerts go out to transporters, consignors and consignee. GoEx also provides alternate logistical support on a best-effort basis to carry the cargo to the Consignee. The responsibilities for insurance related claims and procedures rest on the driver and Fleet Owner. In case if there is any failure on their part, they are fully responsible and liable financially. In case of an accident, GoEx will assist the Consignor to complete the insurance related documents and formalities so that they can prefer Insurance claim. For consignments carried by GoEx on Carriers risk, the insurance related formalities and lodging of claim will be done by GoEx and on receipt of amount from insurance company, GoEx will pay the Consignor the amount received.

How will the Driver use the GoEx Apps since most of them are uneducated?

The Mobile App is simple to use and suitable training will be provided to the driver to use the Click2Call facility and also to upload POD once the consignment is delivered to the Consignee.

How can I register myself as Stakeholder with GoEx?

You can either send an enquiry to the GoEx website or do online registration. The registration process requires certain supporting documents and subject to internal check and approval by the GoEx Team. Suitable intimation is sent to concerned Stakeholders advising them of outcome of the registration process.

All Stakeholders will be required to complete the KYC formalities and submit suitable proof as stipulated by concerned Statutory Authorities.

Do I have to make any agreement with GoEx?

GoEx requires Consignors, Brokers and Fleet Owners to enter into an agreement with GoEx. Fleet Owners may be part of the GoEx platform on full time dedicated basis or part time association. Those associated with GoEx on full time dedicated basis will be given precedence over part time stakeholders.

What are the benefits to me?

As a Consignor you get benefit of a transparent real time market determined rate with complete visibility and status of your cargo. You also get vehicles which are screened for suitability and fitness before being registered with GoEx.

As a Transporter or Fleet Owner you have a quick turnaround time which improves your vehicle utilization. You also get market determined freight rates by participating in an on line bidding process.

As a Driver dependence on middle men for Load is eliminated.

As an Associate (Broker /Booking Agent/ Commission Agent) you can enlarge your scope and area of operations as you are part of a network of registered stakeholders.

How many Transport Centers does GoEx have?

GoEx proposes to establish a network spread across different states in India. The Transport Centers initially will be located in the West.

What is category of materials transported by GoEx?

GoEx’s pre-verified fleet transports the following list of materials (excluding hazardous cargo and liquids):

  • General cargo
  • Food and Perishable Items
  • Fragile Items
  • Household and Office Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Project Items
  • Vehicles

What are the vehicle types that GoEx uses in transportation of goods?

GoEx uses the following vehicle types in transportation:

  • Container
  • Special Vehicles
  • Tanker
  • Tempo
  • Trailer
  • Truck