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Customer - NED Energy Ltd.

The freight rates are market determined through quoting process and are competitive. The vehicle tracking services provide real time information and Proof of Delivery is available on-line.

Ranjan Jain :CEO

Customer - TPL Plastech Limited

GoEx Quoting Module is unique and status of orders and proof of Delivery is available on Real-Time-Basis. The system is simple and user friendly.

Albino Vaz : DGM Commercial

Transporters and Fleet Owners

GoEx has helped us expand our business. The online model helps us track our loads. It helps us to quote on real time basis.

Rajan Nagpal : MMTC

Transporters and Fleet Owners

We are happy to be associated with the GoEx on line model. The process is simple to understand and easy to use. Our Vehicle utilisation has improved.

Haresh Karkera :Padma Travels

Transporters and Fleet Owners

GoEx has helped us plan our business as all loads are available on the app.for quoting. It provides status of all our loads and vehicles. Driver receives fuel and trip advance immediately.

Nitin Mali : Shiv Kripa Transport.

Transporters and Fleet Owners

I have guaranteed load with good rates. I get diesel advance and Trip advance immediately. My business has increased as I do more trips every month.

Driver cum Fleet Owner : Mohan Reddy

Transporters and Fleet Owners

GoEx app is simple and helps me navigate, locate ATMs & Diesel outlets on my trip. I receive my diesel and trip advances on line.

Driver :Venkateshwara Rao

Transporters and Fleet Owners

GoEx app helps me plan my trip as I know the distance and time of travel on route. It guides me to locate ATMs and diesel outlets on the route. I can start my trip immediately and not wait for any advance which is transferred on line.

Driver cum Fleet Owner : Saidi Reddy